Huyze Walburga

bed and breakfast

verversdijk 21
8000 Bruges | Belgium

+32 497 53 05 45  |  info@huyzewalburga.be

Corona Proof B&B

B&B Huyze Walburga includes one suite.
Therefore you are our only guests when you stay with us.
Between two bookings we close the B&B for a minimum of 2 days.
Of course we also apply all prescribed additional hygiene measures.
That way we make it extra safe for our guests, so that you can enjoy your holiday to the maximum.

In 2018 we enjoy,
as one of the 6 tourist accommodations in Bruges
of the recognition and support of Tourism Flanders,
as a family-friendly B&B awarded 4 stars.

Bed and Breakfast Huyze Walburga is located in the historical centre of Bruges, in a peaceful street alongside the canals within walking distance (7 minutes) of the central market. You will have the entire ground floor of our historical premises at your disposal along with your own private city garden. Needless to say you will enjoy complete privacy and perfect peace and quiet.

Our room can accommodate 4 persons at most. You will all be able to use free Wi-Fi, a flat screen led TV with HDTV and a luxurious bathroom provided for a duo bath with hydro massage. There is also a new separate shower room with rain shower, and a sink with adjustable mirror and a shower chair, suitable for wheelchair users.

We offer you a spark of history in a relaxed environment during your stay in the enchanting Bruges, ‘La Venezia del nord’. B&B Huyze Walburga is listed on the inventory of architectural heritage of the city. From 1580 this building features in the old land register.
Source : record office Bruges.

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Bed & Breakfast Huyze Walburga à Bruges

Prices and promotions

Beer / Brewery
  • Prices/night, breakfast incl.*

    2 persons


    € 210

  • Prices/night, breakfast incl.*

    3 persons 2 nights


    € 250

  • Prices/night, breakfast incl.*

    2 persons 2 nights


    € 200

  • Prices/night, breakfast incl.*

    4 persons 2 nights


    € 300

  • Prices/night, breakfast incl.*

    4 persons


    € 310

*Vat included; tourism tax of 2 EUR per person (children under 18 are exempt from the tax) per night.

Book a room: check the availability here.

The payment will be required in cash upon arrival.

Gift certificate
For every stay you can purchase a gift certificate. You can pay for it in cash or by bank transfer to BNP Parisbas Fortis BE20 0017 1428 6656 / Bic GEBABEBB. As soon as we receive the payment, the gift certificate will be mailed to you by postal mail, along with a document with to fill out the desired dates.

Stay longer - promotion

When you stay two nights you get a discount of €10 night!

Extra´s available for each overnight stay

A welcome drink, chilled water, Coffee, Tea, biscuits, Belgian chocolates, fruit.

Luxury package

You are just married, or you are celebrating your birthday or your anniversary? We give you a little present !

Discounts and promotions cannot be granted in conjunction with each other.

Check-in from 1pm.
Check-out between 11.30am and 12.00am

If you wish, you may leave your luggage with us on arrival and departure day.
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Bed & Breakfast Huyze Walburga à Bruges

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Bed & Breakfast Huyze Walburga à Bruges

contact & location

B&B Huyze Walburga
verversdijk 21
8000 Bruges |  Belgium

+32 497 53 05 45  |  info@huyzewalburga.be

Bed & Breakfast Huyze Walburga is listed on the inventory of architectural heritage of Bruges. Between 1580 and 1800 this building has already been entered in the old land register of the St-Janszestendelen. Those registers provided information on the successive owners. The then name of the building was ‘Huyze Den Wulf’, the old street name and number ‘Verwers Dyck’ A3/46. This property has a great rarity value. During the renovation of 1985 all the original and art-historical valuable structures have been optimally conserved. We are the proud owners of an official permission (classification: luxurious) to run a guest room, awarded on July the 23th of 2014 by International Tourism Flanders.
Source : record office Bruges.

Spoken languages: Dutch, English, French  | Basic knowledge of: German, Spanish, Italian

By train

When you arrive at the central station of Bruges, you can take either a taxi (€ 10) or a bus (€2) to reach our B&B. If you prefer the bus, you need to take bus 4 or 14 right in front of the station, until the stop ‘Koningsbrug’. This is the first stop after the Jan van Eyck square. Then you need to cross the bridge and turn left. You will find yourself at the ‘Spinolarei’ now. At the end of this street, take the first street on your right. You have reached the ‘Verversdijk’. You can find B&B Huyze Walburga 50m further down.

By car

B&B Huyze Walburga is situated in the heart of Bruges. Here the zone ‘inner city’ is operative: you can park your car for free from 8 pm until 9 pm. To be able to find a parking spot in a save way, you can drop off your luggage first. We love to be at your disposal to give you some extra parking tips. You enter Bruges via the ‘Kruispoort’. Follow the signposts ‘city centre’ and follow the ‘Lange straat’. When you have pasted the bridge, take the first street on your right. You have arrived at the ‘Verversdijk’.

Park for free

You can park your car for free on the ring road from the Katelijnepoort, 
Gentpoort till the kruispoort.
It's about 15 minuts from the centre of the city, you can take a bus as well. A park and ride ticket offers you a direct connection with the city busses. Park and ride Boogschutterslaan Return.
Bus 16, stop St. Kruis Kerk Bus 6, stop Mariaweide Get off at the St. Walburga Church stop Please continue to walk along the St. Walburga Church and the ‘Hoornstraat’. At the end of the street, you need to go left. B&B Huyze Walburga is located at a five minute walking distance.

Paid parking

Car park at the station
€3.50 / 24h On the day of arrival 4 passengers at most receive a free bus ticket for the inner city. Take bus 4 or 14 and follow the instructions as listed above.

Parking Biekorf.
€8,70 / 24hours
Situated at the Naaldenstraat, via the Ezelspoort.

Parking Pandreitje.
€8,70 / 24h
Situated at the Gevangenisstraat, via the Kruispoort

Parking Alfapark.
€12 / 24h
Situated at the Predikheren rei 4a, via the Kruispoort.

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Bed & Breakfast Huyze Walburga à Bruges


The Ververs dijk

During the Middle Ages Bruges was one of the most important commercial towns of North West Europe. The Verversdijk, also called ‘Verwersdyc’, has been mentioned already in documents of 1290. In those days the Verversdijk was the heart of the mercantile city. This street is situated between the former ‘Hanzekwartier’ and the working-class district St.-Anna. It was named after the workman of the textile dyeworks. There used to live ‘blue dyers’ in particularly. Bruges became a thriving city, partly due to the processing of wool into sheets. The wool was imported from England and Scotland. That is why the street facing the Verversdijk used to be called the ‘Schotten Rei’ (or freely translated freely: the Scottish canal), which goes under the name of ‘St. Anna Rei’ now.

the merchants

Stock exchange in the inn ‘Ter Beurze’

The merchants who bought valuable fabrics, brought along merchandise as well, so as to trade all sorts of goods from many European countries. The stock trade – which we know now as stock exchange like Wall Street and The London Stock Exchange, was set up by the Italians, who were trading in the inn ‘Ter Beurze’. Derived names are: de beurs (Dutch), la bourse (French) and la borsa (Italian).

Well-known merchants of the Verversdijk:
John Smith, the fictitious representative of an English wool merchant in Bruges. Anselmus Adornes, a merchant with Italian roots who traded with Genua, who mediated in a dispute with Scotland. He also owned a building nearby the ‘Schottendijk’.

Well-known residents of Bruges


Guido Gezelle 1830-1899
Priest and poet; Verversdijk nr.20.
Louis Delacenserie
Architect Neo-Gothic art, Verversdijk nr.24.
Pierre et René Buyck
Architects Neo-Gothic, Neo-Classical and Neo-Romanesque style.
Guillaume Michiels
1909-1997 Romantic and impressionistic painter with Scottish roots.